Preface from the book:
This book is a piece of national heritage. The lockdown in Denmark of March 2020 has created history, both for the country and for society, but also in the form of personal stories. A sample of these have been collected in this book as a type of diary. The book contains stories from a pandemic – from big to small, from light to heavy. The stories vary and are about anything from mental illness and grieving a loss to grocery panic and gratitude for the new-found calmness.

Project description from website:
The book contains almost 100 personal stories from all over Denmark. All the participants have each contributed with their story. The stories were recorded as audio files and then sent to Sidsel, who then transcribed and formed the stories. Afterwards, Therese took portraits of all the participants through their windows.

Over the past few months, we have lived through a historic time period – not just here in Denmark, but also in the rest of the world. Thus, the book is written in two columns (DA/ENG), so everyone can read along.
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